7-11 June 2019

Ecstatic Dance Festival Germany

Ecstatic Dance, 5 Rhythms, Cacao Ceremonies, Singing Circles, Authentic Connection, Tribal Shake, Sound Journeys, Voice Workshops, Women & Men circles.

Alma ∞ Omega (DJ), Vesica (DJ), Pascal de Lacaze (DJ), Ben Pavlidis (DJ), Arun Ji (DJ), Willemejn De Dreu (5Rhythms), Lia Pavlidis (Tribal Shake), Erik Manouz (Singing Circles/musician), Naftali (Sound Journeys/Authentic Connection)

Connect with a tribe of HEARTs that share the love for dance, music and awareness. Be welcome, precious human being, to this adventure for BODY & SOUL.


Windberg Community in Beichlingen, North Thuringia. A magical place surrounded by lush meadows and forests. Beautyful park, fireplace, several dance floors. There we can camp, dance, chill & celebrate. Rooms and beds in farm available. Plenty of space for campers and tents. 

Detailed informations about arrivals are coming a few weeks before the festival takes place.

The Windberg Community kitchen serves three meals a day full organic and super tasty food!

Festivals regular price includes accommodation in own tent, all program and 3 meals a day. 

The Windberg Community offers rooms and beds. You can book directly with them for an affordable price additionally to regular price. Mail to: anmeldung@amwindberg.de,  write english or german.


Program Ecstatic Dance Festival Germany 2019


Choose your accommodation sleeping in my own camper vansleeping in my own tentI book a room at Windberg Community

I recognize, the organizers and teachers are not liable for any damages or injuries.

I confirm that the information provided is correct and I agree to the above registration rules.




  • € 280 regular Price

  • € 260 Early Bird until April 15th 2019

Festivals regular price includes accommodation in own tent, all program and 3 meals a day. 

The Windberg Community offers rooms and beds. You can book and pay ONLY directly with them (additionally to our regular price). Mail to: anmeldung@amwindberg.de

  • plus € 140 for single room, own bathroom.

  • plus € 100 for bed in double room own bathroom.

  • plus € 48 for bed in four bed room. 

  • plus € 4o for bed in six bed room. 

  • plus € 24 for mattress in dormitory with 30 mattresses. 

Meet Your Facilitators

Pascal de Lacaze

Pascal de Lacaze from Berlin plays music at events around the globe. His focus on rhythm and dance has made him friends in many communities: Dancers dig how his innovative DJ style connects with his energetic, modern drumming. Bands and Kirtan artists appreciate his steady, rocking world percussion and transcendental grooves. Since 2010 Pascal organizes Ecstatic Dances in Berlin. He is the resident DJ, accompanies his DJ sets with live percussion and cocreates live dance journeys. In workshops and at festivals he facilitates Body Bhajan – a fun and easy combination of chanting and body percussion.

Willemijn De Dreu

Willemijn de Dreu is a cherished conscious dance teacher in many cultures around the world since 1998. She is known for her fiery yet grounded presence. In her teachings she has a great sensitivity to what is going on in the field. Through playful creativity she brings light into deep process, and a gentle way of healing through movement. She is skilled in her way of weaving shamanic threads into her work, alwayʼ s listening to the bigger wisdom thatʼs holding us. 5Rhythms is designed to release the dancer in each of us. Through 5 different rhythms we unlock energy in the body that has been stored there for decades. Itʼs a creative, energizing, joyful way to freedom for body, heart, mind and soul. Come as you are, with all that you bring. Welcome.

Lia Pavlidis

Lia Pavlidis is a passionate dancer and a dedicated dance teacher. She is also a singer and performer, heartful communicator, energy worker and coach. Lia studied Rajasthani Gypsy Dance, Afro Carrebean, Release Technique, Qigong, Gaga Technique, Contact Improvisation, as well as other progressive urban styles. With a wide focus on the emotional, physical and energetic body in general, Lia’s curiousity for movement and body language is endless. Her dance is always soulful, blending street style with a deeply spiritual inner power, connecting mother earth and father sky, with the tongue of an urban shaman.

Ben Pavlidis

is an inspired, strong hearted musician with every cell of his body. He is a songwriter, and a rapper with a great enthuisasm for grounded and clear beats and sounds ,which he also produces himself for his latest electro project DUNG. 20 years experience in his back he is known as the frontman of the berlin band OHRBOOTEN. His open minded nature makes him to connect with people in the musical cosmos where ever he is. His first contact with improvisation was freestyle rap in 2002. This is where he started to feel the spirit of freedom through rythm and rhyme. Since this experience he is trying to keep the energy of the free flow moments into his work. It inspired him until today, to play also with landscapes of sound and percussion to create a varity of dimensions you can move in as a musician aswell as a dancer.

Alma ∞ Omega

Alma ∞ Omega is the co-founder of Berlin-based gatherings Lucid and Cacaophany, and has been passionately opening portals of magic since her first house-party in 1997, coinciding with her life-purpose for creating alchemical spaces of transformation, celebration, healing and releasing…She is an avid believer in the power of DANCE and MUSIC to elevate & connect the spirit of humanity: allowing us to get back to the basics, our roots, our hips, our hearts, our oneness…no dogma on the dancefloor…just a dream within a dream, and a dream we dream together. http://www.alma-omega.world


Vesica is Initiator and Co-founder of Ecstatic Dance Berlin, where she is a resident DJ and the organizer of Ecstatic Dance Sundays. Vesica, while born & raised in Berlin, has lived most of her adult life in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA. Oakland Ecstatic Dance saved her in 2008, when her doctoral dissertation on spirit possession & psychiatry was literally driving her mad. Ever since, Ecstatic Dance has been her twice weekly, non-negotiable pilgrimage to the dance floor -to get down and right with herself, her community, her body and the Sacred.  It is no surprise then, that Vesica is a dancer’s DJ deeply steeped in West Coast Bass music committed to the Heart, Soul and Funk of her dancers.


Naftali is a multi-instrumentalist and hypnotherapist whose passion for creating trance-formative states of connection bridges the worlds of music, movement and healing. After abandoning a career in Theology in his hometown of Jerusalem, Naftali moved to the U.S. and attended Columbia University, where he gained degrees in Philosophy and Comparative Literature. While living in New York, he went on to study Method Acting as well as Movement and Somatic practices. Inspired by the deep potential for change and healing that he experienced there, Naftali continued to explore alternative modalities for increasing awareness and psycho-spiritual insight --including Core Shamanism, Tibetan Buddhism, Hypnotherapy, Generative Coaching and Non-Violent Communication. He is passionate about opening spaces in which people can reconnect with their natural aliveness, spontaneity and authentic presence. In addition to organizing musical concerts, trance dance events and urban ritual gatherings in Berlin, Naftali offers therapeutic workshops and individual sessions in Hypnotherapy, Embodied NVC, Conscious Movement and Authentic Self-Expression.

Erik Manouz

Erik “Aquario“ Manouz Der reisende Weltenmusiker und Multi-Instrumentalist Erik Manouz zelebriert lebendige “Poly-stylistic Heart-music“ - eine Melange aus Folk, Weltmusik und elektronischen beats.
Von tiefgehend bis absolut groovy und tanzbar, von Gänsehaut bis Extase. Und immer ein Hauch von devotional Bhakti Spirit... Manouz ist mit verschiedensten Formationen auf dem Erdenball unterwegs, erschafft mit seiner feinfühligen Art einen ganz eigenen, unverwechselbaren Klangkosmos und versteht sich selbst als "Sammler von uralten und heiligen Liedern“. Diese teilt er unter dem Namen “Aquario“ seit vielen Jahren in Chanting circles und Workshops. Für ihn hat jeder Mensch eine einzigartige, besondere Stimme! In seinen Konzerten und Kreisen geben sich die Zuhörer/Innen dem Moment, dem Fluss, dem Improvisatorischen hin und entdecken gemeinsam im Kreis beim Singen, Tönen & Grooven ihre Stimmen und Klangkörper. Ergänzt durch eine freudige Kombination aus Chanting und Bodypercussion: “The Yoga of sound - having fun!“ website: http://www.aquario-music.com , http://www.manouz.de

Arun Ji

Arun Ji has 10 years of experience as a conscious dance DJ, trained in emotional awareness and tantra with Astiko Lopez and is passionate for Gabrielle Roth’s teachings of the 5 Rhythms. Arun offers a wide spectrum of rhythms and melodies, with a range of sensations and emotions, creating a space of connection and exploration. In his musical journeys  meditation and celebration melt together in the dance. www.mixcloud.com/arunecstatic http://www.ecstaticdance.es

Zinn Da

NGO Board (IN) I am spiritual traveler spreading happiness around the world. After a long and successful stint as a cyber wiz-kid, who has given consultancy to numerous clients across the globe, one day I realized that something is missing in my life. Life was more then money, name and fame. Perhaps the inner self had a strong conviction that humanity and diversity are missing and making me a not so complete human being. Tt was then I decided to start a fresh in a quest to become more enlightened and a person with human touch. The great Guru Osho paved the way to a new journey of life. Further involvement with Osho International Meditation Resort at Pune and Osho Humaniversity, Holland has provided new meanings to the life. A life that belongs to many more then me. A life which is a golden opportunity for love, peace, knowledge and humanity.

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