Contact Meets Waterdance Portugal

Quinta-Braz, Portugal

Working with experiential somatic disciplines we explore inner and outer states, discovering where movement arises. With practices to enliven the senses and develop our somatic communication skills, we experiment with movement and touch in a safe, held container. We invite the healing elements of nature into our research through exercises on the beach. An evolutionary journey from water, to land & onto the dance floor!

Special approach in a  pool, were we will reach a deeper somatic connection while moving in water with others. The disciplines Contact Improvisation, developmental movement patterns (inspired by BMC), Waterdance & Rituals working synergetic and support the psycho-somatic process of the practioneer.

What's Included:

Meet Your Facilitators


Marielle Gerke (GER)

Marielle was born in Berlin, living in Witzenhausen near Kassel (Germany) since 2010. There she discovered her passion for dancing – especially for Contact Improvisation in 2012. Since then she is continuously fascinated by this unique and exciting dance form. She loves the playfulness that lays in it and the diversity of movement options that become available when moving together with shared weight. For her is remarkable how clear nonverbal communication can become if both dance partners allow their bodies to truly fall into each other while listening to the proposed directions of movement under the skin. In her practice as a dancer and teacher the exploration of developmental movement patterns, principles of leading and following over the soft tissues of the body and water work are very useful and exciting. She is interested in exploring anatomical structures in hands on work and while dancing.

Dolores Dewhurst-Marks (UK)

Dolores Dewhurst-Marks is a dancer, traveller and teacher of Contact Improvisation and Somatics. She first discovered Contact Improvisation whilst studying Contemporary Dance and Choreography at Roehampton University, London.

In 2015 she began facilitating CI workshops whilst travelling through Thailand, Philippines, India. Spending many months a year next to the ocean, curiosity expanded her movement practices into the water, sharing workshops combining dance in water and on land.

Matthieu Panassie (FR)